TRA knows the value of collaboration, especially in the areas of transportation, safety, security, and emergency preparedness where team member engagement is critical to success. Our success depends in large part on the full participation of our clients and subconsultants to achieve project goals and produce positive results. Given the wide range of expertise among our staff, TRA makes valuable contributions to project teams across industries.


We partner with consulting firms of every size and specialization on projects of every scope and type to better inform the work we do. At TRA, we pride ourselves on contributing technical knowledge and industry best practices to large and small projects, as well as making the collaboration process as smooth as possible. When clients, contractors, and stakeholders can contribute equally, more gets accomplished – a goal we strive to achieve with every project.

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We’re eager to learn how TRA can contribute to your project team. Get in touch with us any time to learn more about our partnering experience and capabilities.
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With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, our experts have the skills to solve even the most complex problems. Let us know how TRA can help you meet your goals and improve results.

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