Management Consulting

Many of our key assignments are technical in nature, but also center around basic management and organizational issues. TRA’s personnel have specializations including business, law, planning, and operations, and we bring these skills to our technical consulting.

Many core consulting problems can be solved using a combination of management consulting techniques and industry-specific understanding. TRA brings both to these projects.  

Business Process Assessments

TRA brings a unique toolkit to its transit consulting projects, informed in part by broader business practices and analytical capabilities.
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Stakeholder Facilitation

In many projects, especially those with multiple stakeholders and organizations, it can be difficult to identify and assess the processes, customers, and business elements at stake.
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Consensus Building

In some projects, the technical or organizational path forward may not be clear. Indeed, in some cases there is real disagreement about the best project approach.
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In-House Staffing

TRA has provided ongoing, in-house support staff for specific project needs, including personnel dedicated to a state department of transportation and state safety oversight programs.
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How Can We Help You?

With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, our experts have the skills to solve even the most complex problems. Let us know how TRA can help you meet your goals and improve results.

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