Senior Engineer, Philadelphia

TRA is looking for an experienced Senior Engineer (SE) to join our dynamic team. The SE’s responsibilities include:

  • Being based in TRA’s Philadelphia office, and working with TRA’s staff there, and with personnel in New York, Chicago, Florida, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere.
  • Traveling frequently in support of TRA projects throughout the United States.
  • Bringing an engineering focus to TRA’s transit and transportation safety, operations, maintenance, and business process projects.
  • Providing substantial technical input into TRA’s consulting projects, whether as a lead or project manager, or as a subject matter expert working at the direction of others. Acting as a front-line interface with TRA’s clients and other project stakeholders. Includes field work, office work, quantitative and qualitative research and analyses, regulatory analyses, report development, presentation development and delivery, project management, and other consulting project responsibilities.
  • Participating in client interviews, field assessments, and observations; documentation of business processes; writing and editing reports and proposals; interpreting and editing client documentation and procedures; and providing data, information, and analyses for use by TRA project managers and subject matter experts.
  • Contributing to TRA’s business development efforts, including helping to develop proposals and qualifications, and using the SE’s industry contacts and knowledge to help TRA gain additional consulting projects.
  • Contributing to the mentoring and development of TRA’s more junior staff, including engineers and other technical personnel.

The position answers primarily to TRA personnel, but also will interface with TRA clients in both public and private sectors.

Senior Engineer Qualifications

  • Master’s degree and current valid Professional Engineer (P.E.) certification are required.
  • Ten years’ experience in rail and bus transit, transportation, engineering, planning, or similar disciplines are strongly preferred. However, candidates with successful careers in other applicable areas will be considered.
  • Knowledge of or interest in public transportation operations, maintenance, emergency preparedness, homeland security, and/or safety is preferred. Familiarity with Safety Management Systems (SMS) in any industry is beneficial, as is knowledge of Federal Transit Administration and/or U.S. Department of Transportation requirements.
  • Candidates must be proven leaders, with an outstanding record of stakeholder relations and coworker interaction. Must be detail-oriented, organized, and flexible. Candidates must have excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong ability for critical thinking, and an excellent capacity to analyze, understand, and incorporate technical information.
  • Candidates must think creatively about data and how to present it as useful and engaging information, both for external and internal use.
  • Candidates must be able work independently and interface regularly with a wide range of clients. Successful candidates must be outgoing, engaging, and social, and must actively look for ways they can help the TRA team.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Database and MS Project experience is a plus.
  • Candidates must have strong writing skills and be able to communicate complex information effectively to multiple types of audiences, including individuals with and without technical backgrounds or skills.
  • Must be primarily based in Philadelphia, but also able to engage in frequent (often 40% – 60%, sometimes more) travel, much of which includes multi-day trips, as dictated by current projects. Position is salaried, and is based on an approximately 45-hour work week. Schedule and total hours will vary depending on current assignments.
  • Candidates must have a valid driver’s license, be able to pass a criminal background check, be a U.S. citizen, and have physical agility sufficient to meet typical rail transit and railroad requirements for roadway worker protection (working in rail transit and railroad rights-of-way safely).

Candidates must send a detailed description of their interest in the Chief Engineer position, their ability to meet its qualifications, their understanding of TRA and its work, and how they will help TRA thrive and grow. Please forward information to


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