Threat, Risk, and Security Evaluation (TRASE)

What is a TRASE?

The TRASE is a comprehensive assessment of security needs, risks, and priorities, highlighting site-specific issues and delivers recommendations you can implement immediately to make your business more secure. This evaluation focuses on reducing day-to-day and long-term risk by assessing elements within your control, and providing you the tools you need to make your organization more secure.

Key Features

  • Focused on specific, universal security concerns.  

A TRASE review is targeted to the areas of greatest security impact.  It evaluates the strength of your business in four key areas:

    • Access and Perimeter Control
    • Security Cameras and Monitoring
    • Plans, Policies, and Procedures
    • Coordination with Public Safety
  • Mindful of what you can control.  

Let’s face it, a $5 million, state-of-the-art camera system with biometrics and virtual fencing capability isn’t for everyone.  TRA’s experts focus instead on solutions that are appropriate to the scale of your business, your security needs, and your organization’s capabilities.  If it can’t be implemented or maintained, we won’t recommend it.

  • For the private sector, tailored to your business–large or small.  

TRA understands the critical need for businesses to allocate resources efficiently, as well as the huge impact even one security incident can have on their operations.  A TRASE review balances these often-competing concerns to maximize the security of your employees, customers, and materials.







How Does a TRASE Work?

TRA's security experts understand that each client is unique, and even small changes in operating practices can have a significant impact on security. A key part of our process is understanding you and your business, in order to provide you with a customized security profile and workable recommendations. When you order a TRASE from TRA, the 3-step process seen here gets underway.

What Our Clients Say

"TRA went above and beyond to provide us with a detailed report that all levels of staff can understand. The TRASE is a great product, and deals with security concerns we need to address today, as well as those we have to tackle down the road."
Dave Pruner
Director, Corporate Health, Safety & Emergency Planning, Western Refining

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends upon the size and location of the facility we are asked to evaluate, whether additional time will be required on-site, and the existence of any unique circumstances that would make it more challenging to complete the evaluation (remote location, etc). Most reviews in the greater Philadelphia region will come in under $5,000. The cost of a TRASE performed outside the region will depend on travel and other factors.





Companies and individual facilities alike are under new threats to their security every day. In the current climate, having in-depth, practical knowledge of your company’s specific risks and gaps is critical to understanding how to remedy them and strengthen your overall security posture. Simply put, companies of all sizes in this day and age cannot afford not to have an analysis like the TRASE performed.





A completed TRASE – along with implementation of any resulting security recommendations – can provide your commercial insurance provider with compelling evidence of your company’s efforts to limit risk, potentially preventing your premiums from rising due to security-related incidents. A TRASE also gives your stakeholders and employees peace of mind, knowing your workplace is prepared for security incidents and emergency situations.





Virtually any business can reap benefits from TRA’s comprehensive TRASE process. No matter what your primary concern is regarding your facility’s security, TRA will work with you to determine and assess the areas you want to prioritize, while providing a practical evaluation report and recommendations you can put into place right away to improve your company’s all-around and area-specific security.





No business or location is too small to have a TRASE performed. Because the scope of our review is focused on issues that impact businesses of all sizes, a TRASE can be tailored to any size enterprise and the recommendations you’ll receive will be appropriately scaled.





Through its focus on general security best practices, the TRASE is a useful tool for businesses in all industries. Our security experts have experience working with a variety of industries, and will adapt their recommendations to your business security needs.





Our experts will work with you to ensure there is minimum disruption to your everyday business operations while they are on-site. The TRASE process typically involves one kickoff and one closeout meeting for core security personnel, as well as site evaluations and document reviews, the latter of which can often be performed off-site. In short, we strive to keep your business running normally during the course of the TRASE.





***The TRASE review is based upon the guidance and opinions of dedicated security experts.  While following the resulting recommendations will likely improve security conditions at your business, TRA does not represent or guarantee that doing so will prevent a security-related incident from taking place, or that risks facing your business will be entirely eliminated.***




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