TSA-Required Security Training

Be Aware!
TSA Required Security Training
Effective Sept. 21st, 2020 for over 1,000 Rail and Bus Agencies

Security Training for Surface Transportation Employees Final Rule

TSA Industry Notice

Is your agency aware of this TSA training mandate?

TRA can help your agency

  • Become compliant with the deadlines
  • Develop the training and delivery
  • Customize a plan specific to your needs

Is your agency aware that Failure to comply with this rule could jeopardize future funding opportunities for your agency?

  • TRA’s goal has always been to meet the needs of our clients by ensuring the compliance of safety and security in an efficient and effective manner
  • Is your agency aware of Staffing and Communication concerns?
  • TRA’s well-trained staff will serve as a liaison between your agency and the TSA to ensure seamless compliance

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