Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Atlanta Streetcar Consulting Services

Operations & Maintenance, Procedures & Rules, Planning & Auditing, Management Consulting, Stakeholder Facilitation
Atlanta, GA
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

As part of the multi-stakeholder Atlanta Streetcar project, TRA provided a variety of services for MARTA, including:

  • startup support and planning
  • operations and maintenance (O&M) planning and contracting support
  • safety plan development
  • O&M standard operating procedure development
  • organizational planning
  • technical assistance in interacting with oversight agencies including the Federal Transit Administration and Georgia‚Äôs state safety oversight program
TRA formulated and presented to project stakeholders several O&M scenario options, including zero-based budget estimates, for both internal and external O&M scenarios. Options and scenarios were researched and presented within the contexts of transit industry current practice, City of Atlanta project capabilities, and the current O&M contracting market.
Under an internal scenario, TRA developed and refined a Streetcar O&M plan. As project options were refined, TRA worked closely with the project to develop an O&M request for proposals. TRA was chiefly responsible for the technical portion of the RFP, and coordinated and integrated other sections into a cohesive RFP. TRA personnel later helped the project review and evaluate proposals received.
TRA drafted an operations and maintenance intergovernmental agreement (IGA), which guides the project relationship between MARTA, the City of Atlanta, and the Downtown Atlanta Improvement District.

TRA also formulated the Streetcar system safety program plan (SSPP), and participated in several detailed discussions and reviews of the IGA and the SSPP, making several rounds of edits to accommodate project changes. TRA also worked with City of Atlanta departments (under separate contract) to scope and draft maintenance procedures for City-related streetcar responsibilities, such as new traffic signals.

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