Peninsula Joint Powers Board (JPB)

Caltrain Procurement Assistance

Operations & Maintenance, Procurement Assistance
San Carlos, CA
Peninsula Joint Powers Board (JPB)
TRA played a critical, comprehensive role in two competitive procurement processes for CalTrain operations and maintenance services in San Jose, California.

TRA personnel supported the Joint Powers Board in the multi-million dollar procurement from beginning to end, including: a review of the Request for Proposals (RFP) prepared by JPB staff; substantial technical input into the proposal evaluations and interviews with proposers; and the preparation of technical summaries to be used by the JPB scoring team, to capture factual characteristics of each proposal and provide the general consensus of the review team’s comments. TRA’s technical inputs and evaluations, both during the RFP development and proposal evaluation processes, extended to topics including operations, engineering, systems and track maintenance, vehicle maintenance, proposer technical approach, and overall proposer technical capacity.

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