Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Communications Plan for the MARTA Transformation Initiative (MTI)

Management Consulting
Atlanta, GA
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
TRA addressed MARTA’s need for a comprehensive approach to communicating the potential changes associated with the active optimization work streams of the MARTA Transformation Initiative (MTI) program.
The effort resulted from the MARTA Program Management Office’s (PMO) request to identify and establish communication strategies as part of the MTI program’s approach to change management and implementation of potential organizational and structural changes.

TRA provided the MARTA PMO with a series of communication strategies and recommendations for consideration, and identified a course of action to implement these recommendations. TRA managed the development and assisted in the implementation of a formal Comprehensive Communication Plan in partnership with MARTA’s in-house communication team. TRA evaluated the outcomes of the communication plan and its impacts on the perspectives and outcomes of Transformation Initiatives.

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