A TRA Trip to Italy for Railcar Fire Testing

As part of its rail state safety oversight project with the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT), TRA subject matter expert Bill Matthews traveled to Florence, Italy to witness key railcar testing. The roof and floor materials of the Honolulu Rail Transit Project (HRTP) train cars will undergo fire resistance testing in a controlled laboratory environment. The testing is required to ensure compliance with contract specifications and external fire resistance standards. TRA is witnessing test setup and execution, and Mr. Matthews will ensure that test processes are appropriately documented in coordination with test plans and contract requirements.

In support of HDOT’s safety oversight of HRTP, TRA coordinates with City of Honolulu transportation entities, the Federal Transit Administration, and the project’s main Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contractor to ensure that O&M document development, staffing, training, safety certification, emergency preparedness, and testing activities are properly carried out in the lead-up to revenue service. TRA and HDOT conduct regular meetings, field observations, and interviews to examine the current status of safety and security activities on the HRTP.


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