Tucson Modern Streetcar

Safety, Security, and Emergency Project Management Oversight

Security & Emergency Preparedness
Tucson, AZ
Tucson Modern Streetcar
As subcontractors to Atkins Engineering, TRA served as the FTA’s Project Management Oversight Consultant (PMOC) responsible for overseeing safety, security, and emergency management of the 3.9-mile modern streetcar system, operating in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

As PMOC, TRA participated in safety and security review committee meetings, fire life safety meetings, and testing and commissioning efforts. TRA also independently reviewed the hazard analysis and threat and vulnerability analysis throughout the project duration and provided technical assistance to assist the grantee in completing security and emergency preparedness plans and assisted with hands on guidance conducting emergency drills and exercises.

TRA worked with all stakeholders to assure compliance with FTA safety, security and emergency preparedness requirements.

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