Resiliency: Moving Beyond Recovery to Support Transit

The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated new challenges for transportation organizations, and highlighted with increased urgency existing problems these entities face. The post-pandemic world requires new ways of thinking about crisis management, and support in establishing system-wide approaches that will bolster resiliency and strengthen organizational adaptability.

Transit agencies across the U.S. have responded to this ongoing crisis in myriad ways, each according to their own resources, capabilities, and particular transit environment. However, across organizations there has been a need to identify the ways in which their response helped stabilize the situation, protect employees and customers, and maintain the mission of the agency, or struggled to do so. While the pandemic remains a significant issue facing transit agencies of all sizes, many organizations are beginning to reflect on how plans, procedures, and communications can be optimized to create a response that rises to meet the challenge of the next crisis.

TRA has the technical and organizational expertise to analyze agency responses to the COVID-19 crisis and build for the future. We help agencies identify the steps not just to recover, but to be more resilient and ready next time, and to improve overall organizational approaches to crisis management. Contact us at for more information.





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