TRA Project: Reviewing BART’s Transportation Overtime Efficiency

TRA is currently assessing the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) transportation department’s overtime, especially as it relates to key positions such as train operators, station agents, and foreworkers. The TRA team is examining the top contributors to overtime, both in terms of organizational positions and events (such as sick time, special events, and leave). The review is also focused on BART’s collective bargaining agreement with front-line transportation personnel, and the impact the contract may have on overtime expenses.

Several facets of how overtime functions at BART are critical to understanding the issues at play:  how BART budgets for overtime, how overtime is tracked and coded, and what management indicators BART uses to monitor expenses. In addition to BART’s transportation management, key project stakeholders include budget, labor relations, human resources, and information technology departments. The final report will include a new recommended overtime budget structure, key performance indicators to monitor overtime, recommendations for processes such as vacation and absence tracking and control, and negotiation points for BART’s next rounds of collective bargaining with its transportation union.

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