TRA Project Supports New Bay Area Transportation Modes

Public transportation remains a critical link in the mobility network of the San Francisco Bay Area, yet with the area’s current growth patterns, many large organizations are rethinking transportation options for their employees. While TRA has a long history of work with public transportation agencies in the Bay area, one current project is taking our work in a new direction: supporting technology companies’ use of employee shuttle bus systems to efficiently convey workers from home to headquarters and back again safely.

The shuttle in question is a network of over-the-road coaches that a major Silicon Valley technology company provides to transport its employees between its headquarter offices to pickup and drop-off points throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  In March and April 2019, TRA performed an initial audit of the system and its participating vendors to assess the current state of vendors’ compliance with their own, the company’s, California, and Federal plans, policies, and procedures for operations and maintenance.

In 2020, TRA started an inspection program of the shuttle system. Our team will assess operations and maintenance through on-site inspection of the system and review of data provided from the vendors to the company monthly on selected key performance indicators (KPIs).  The team will thoroughly assess technical areas including: bus driver pre-trip inspections; compliance with operating rules and procedures; compliance with required vehicle inspection programs and procedures; physical conditions of coaches; and other areas as requested by the company.



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