Florida Department of Transportation, District 6

Bus Safety and Security Oversight Services for Miami-Dade Transit Metrobus

Safety, State Safety Oversight
Miami, FL
Florida Department of Transportation, District 6
In 2007, 2010, 2014, and 2018, TRA supported FDOT District 6 in the performance of the Bus Transit System Safety and Security Review. In each of the audits, TRA followed the requirements of 14-90 F.A.C. and performed a thorough assessment of MDT’s compliance with state requirements.


TRA subject matter experts interviewed front line and management personnel, assessed the condition of and maintenance records for over 70 buses (or 10% of the fleet), and reviewed and assessed the central program documents such as the SSPP, safety data analysis, operational and maintenance performance data, standard operating procedures, rule books, maintenance manuals, and other documents comprising the safe operations of Metrobus. TRA issued a final report with completed checklists of compliance and listing areas of concern and findings requiring corrective action. TRA also provided detailed narratives explaining all areas reviews, their current state, and ways in which to improve overall performance, with a focus on compliance with all FDOT safety and security requirements.

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