District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Services (DCFEMS)

State Safety and Security Oversight Services (DCFEMS)

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Washington, D.C.
District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Services (DCFEMS)

TRA currently serves as the primary safety and security consultant to DCFEMS for its SSO program, providing safety oversight of the DC Streetcar project. In this role, TRA worked closely with DCFEMS to: establish an initial Program Standard compliant with 49 CFR Part 659; develop internal policies and procedures to guide oversight activities; begin preparing for compliance with the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21); and strengthen relationships with the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT), the project owner.


TRA guided DCFEMS through an extensive range of pre-revenue service activities, including oversight of safety and security certification, analysis and review of DDOT-developed plans, policies, and procedures, observation of all facets of system and vehicle testing, and a thorough Pre-Revenue Service Review.
In addition, given that large sections of the system were constructed prior to the project’s official launch, TRA worked with DCFEMS to identify safety and security concerns related to integrating old and new system components, most notably affecting changes to prevent or minimize risks to pedestrians at stations located in the median.

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