Florida Department of Transportation, District 6

Rail Fixed Guideway Safety and Security Oversight Services, Airport Automated People Mover Systems

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Miami, FL
Florida Department of Transportation, District 6

FDOT engaged TRA on two separate tasks related to the audit of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) Automated People Mover (APM) systems. Miami-Dade International current operates two separate APM rail systems which transport passengers within an airport terminal and from the airport terminals to the remote Miami Intermodal Center transportation hub.  The APM systems are driverless systems that operate on fully-separated fixed guideway systems and are controlled by an automatic train control system. Under 14-15.017 F.A.C. and 341.061 F.S., FDOT requires that these airport APMs develop a compliant System Safety Program Plan. In the first phase of work, TRA conducted a thorough review of the first SSPP that MDAD developed to cover both APM systems. TRA assessed the full document for compliance with FDOT requirements and provided FDOT and MDAD with detailed recommendations for incorporation of information to demonstrate procedural compliance with the regulatory requirements.

In the latter task, TRA conducted a thorough on-site Triennial Audit of both APM systems, assessing system safety of the operation, maintenance, and management of the system. This Triennial Review was the first in-depth review of both systems. TRA has developed a final report containing findings and recommendations in accordance with FDOT requirements.

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