Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Comprehensive Assessment of Safety-Critical Systems

Safety, Operations & Maintenance, Planning & Auditing
Atlanta, GA
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

TRA performed a complete and independent assessment of MARTA’s maintenance and inspection practices for safety critical rail and bus transit elements, following several escalator-related and other safety incidents and their subsequent MARTA investigations. TRA examined 24 elements of MARTA’s safety critical systems exhaustively, including rules and protocols in place to ensure safe operation of vehicles and equipment. TRA evaluated MARTA’s vehicle, facility, and infrastructure maintenance practices in safety-critical systems, including MARTA’s rail, bus, and paratransit modes.  TRA reviewed MARTA vehicles, equipment, infrastructure, and facilities; MARTA’s library of documents, and MARTA departments’ “ownership” of the various safety critical systems.

In addition, TRA performed a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of MARTA’s heavy duty bus and paratransit fleets.  As a result of this Assessment, TRA issued a set of Findings and Recommendations for MARTA to enhance its maintenance practices in its safety-critical systems.

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