Tri-State Oversight Committee (TOC)

Safety and Security Oversight Program

Safety, State Safety Oversight
Washington, D.C.
Tri-State Oversight Committee (TOC)

For more than a dozen years, TRA provided consultant services to the TOC as part of the SSO program for the second-largest rail transit system in the United States. The TOC is comprised of representatives from the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland, for whome TRA has been instrumental in developing key program documents, including the Program Standard & Procedures, as well as the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the jurisdictions that comprise the TOC. Over the years, the role and responsibility of the TOC’s oversight program has greatly intensified as a result of the high level of scrutiny by Federal agencies and Congress. TRA helped the TOC jurisdictions author a policy White Paper that outlined a two-phased approach for strengthening the oversight of the Metrorail system, including the ongoing efforts to create a Metro Safety Commission. These efforts were in response to NTSB recommendations in the wake of the June 22, 2009 accident near Ft. Totten in which nine people were killed. More recently, TRA helped the TOC develop and implement solutions to comply with the provisions of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). TRA helped author the FTA-approved Certification Work Plan that serves as a roadmap to full compliance with the requirements of MAP-21, and assisted the TOC in making programmatic enhancements.

On a day-to-day basis, TRA helped the TOC with all aspects of the oversight program, including, but not limited to, accident investigations, corrective actions, audits, and inspections.

TRA supports the TOC in spearheading a robust and ongoing three-year audit process, using the skills and experience of TRA subject matter experts. TRA has also helped the TOC navigate several program audits by the FTA.

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