Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO)

Safety & Security Internal Audit Program Assistance

Camden, NJ
Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO)
TRA has assisted PATCO in conducting Internal Safety and Security Audits of safety and security program plans, policies, and procedures, as required by the New Jersey Office of Fixed Guideway Safety and Security Oversight.

TRA has worked with PATCO to coordinate a schedule that addresses all 21 safety elements and five security & emergency preparedness elements required to undergo an internal audit once every three years. Before each audit, TRA has assisted PATCO in issuing audit notifications, developing audit checklists, coordinating audit activities with PATCO staff, and requesting documents from audited departments.

TRA has also assisted PATCO personnel with conducting the interviews, performing field Inspections, and reviewing records for all audits. TRA has also supported PATCO in the production of the draft and final audit reports summarizing activities, findings, and recommendations.

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