Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)

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Norfolk, VA
Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)
TRA has provided ongoing technical, programmatic, and administrative support to DRPT since 2009, during the design and construction phase of the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) TIDE light rail project.

TRA team members reviewed key project documents, including the Safety and Security Management Plan and the Safety and Security Certification, and regularly monitored project progress through attendance of key project safety and security meetings. TRA performed a detailed on-site Pre-Revenue Service Review prior to the Revenue Operations Date to ensure that the TIDE was ready for safety and secure passenger operations.

Since opening for Revenue Operations, TRA has continued its ongoing support, including the review and update of the DRPT System Safety Program Standard, and the review of the HRT System Safety Program Plan and Security & Emergency Preparedness Plan. TRA also helped DRPT design and implement an ongoing three-year safety and security schedule to audit the implementation of all required safety and security program elements. TRA helped DRPT conclude the first three-year cycle of reviews in 2014, and has recently begun working on a second cycle of these reviews. TRA is currently helping DRPT navigate the new MAP-21 requirements for SSOs, and helped author the Commonwealth’s Certification Work Plan to come into full compliance with the provisions of MAP-21.

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