Around the U.S., Upgrades and Investments Improve Transit

A host of overhauls, extensions, and new starts are giving transit systems around the country a boost. Through both our State Safety Oversight and our direct transit agency work, TRA has been providing technical support for these projects to ensure the operations of safe and efficient systems for decades to come. Two examples of this work come from the Washington D.C. metropolitan region:

Hopscotch Bridge Replacement in Washington, D.C.

The DC Streetcar currently operates over the H Street Bridge, commonly known as the Hopscotch Bridge, adjacent to Union State in Washington, D.C. The District Department of Transportation is in the process of replacing this bridge to make way for the redevelopment of Union Station. Since the Streetcar currently terminates atop the bridge, Streetcar service will be truncated during construction, and the project’s interaction with Streetcar operations has numerous safety considerations. TRA supports DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services’ state safety oversight office in its capacity reviewing capital projects that impact the DC Streetcar. The bridge is slated to reopen in 2022.

Purple Line Light Rail in Maryland

For more information on TRA’s safety projects, visit our Projects page and click on “Safety.”



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