Safety and Security Certification Support for Sound Transit

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., and Sound Transit in the Central Puget Sound region has several system expansion projects in progress, with what it describes as “the most ambitious transit expansion in the country.” As such, TRA’s transit subject matter experts are currently performing safety and security certification auditing for the agency, to ensure these extensions fulfill all necessary protocols. TRA’s work, as part of a subcontract to Talson Solutions LLC, includes auditing of new rail segments (for both design and construction), new rail vehicles, new and revised rules and procedures, project-related system testing, and fire/life safety measures.

Sound Transit’s agency-wide and project-specific safety and security programs identify project risks and hazards, then analyze and mitigate them. TRA works to audit the structure, execution, and completeness of this process. These audits range from verification of safety-critical documentation (such as plans and checklists) to on-site reviews of new vehicles and systems to review of new operating rules and procedures. The audit project affects Sound Transit departments that include: safety; operations; maintenance; and design, engineering, and construction management. TRA also recently provided expert input during an on-site audit at Sound Transit’s light rail vehicle manufacturer.

TRA provides transit-focused rail and bus auditing services, including formulating and executing safety certification programs, as well as overseeing such programs on behalf of transit agency and state oversight clients.

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